Habits for better health:

Habits for better health:

Healthy habits is essential to always be healthy, young and fit beyond what our age. Following a healthy life, in short, it makes us have a better life. We have made a list of some healthy habits you should never ignore.
I assure you that if you can make them part of your lifestyle you will feel much more energy and more youth. It's just a matter of being willing and put willingness to comply as far as we can.

Keep a healthy weight
Overweight and rapid loss of kilos is not recommended for your body. Abandon the idea of using diet pills and fad diet. You only need to meet certain healthy habits to achieve the figure you so desire.
Habitos para una buena salud
Eating foods rich in fiber
A healthy diet should not put aside vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, nuts, raw seeds and other foods that are sources of fiber. Article 10 can read high-fiber foods to identify them. Plug them every day!

Exercise regularly
You expected, right? Practicing physical activity several times a week is without doubt one of the healthy habits that we should meet. We know well that physical activity is an inevitable aspect to stay healthy. However, we must exercise wisely. Daily walking or lifting light weights is frequently recommended to perform high-impact exercises isolated.

Reduce fat intake
We refer to saturated fats or trans fats ( "bad fats" the) present mainly in the so-called junk food. Research shows that it is best fats occupy about 25- 30% of total calories consumed. The vast majority of fats that ingest should be healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids.

Limit salt
Consuming too much sodium will promote water retention and high blood pressure, which can lead to suffer from hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Gradually decreasing the salt sees your meals. From experience I say that is just about getting used to. You can help our tips on how to reduce salt intake.

Drink enough water

This is one of the healthiest and recommended habits: drink plenty of water. We are told we should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Drinking water cleanses and purifies the body inside, it eliminates toxins, helps us digest food better, work faster metabolism, last but not least, improves the appearance of skin and hair.

Sleep about 7 hours a dayIt is one of the most important functions of our body and we should not neglect it. It is during the hours of sleep when our body is recovering from the day's activity. Therefore, take rest as a priority to stay healthy and energized.
Habitos para una buena salud
Eliminate negative habitsExcessive consumption of caffeine and other stimulants are very bad. Not to mention leaving the alcohol and if you are a smoker, quit smoking! Try replacing bad habits with new healthy habits. You'll feel better in the short term and your body will thank you over the years.

Get rid of refined carbohydratesFoods with large amounts of sugar are not recommended if you want to take a nutritious diet. While not bad give us a taste from time to time we should not overdo it with this type of food.

Reduce stress
In a very large and very small degree, we all live stressful situations ever and consider it normal. In fact it is called the "evil of the century". However, that does not mean it is serious: stress impairs our mental, emotional and physical health. Try combat stress to live healthier and happier. Believe it or not, there are thousands of ways to fight this evil.