Drager Air shields Resuscitaire RW


Drager Air shields Resuscitaire RW


The Hill-Rom Air-Shields Resuscitaire RW82VHA-1C is a combined infant radiant warmer and resuscitator for use in the delivery suite or special care baby unit. The unit evaluated incorporated all optional features. The radiant heater can be operated in pre-warm, manual and servo controlled temperature modes, and also has an Apgar timer. The resuscitation module incorporates a suction circuit, patient and auxiliary gas supply systems, air/oxygen blender and a gas-powered ventilation system called ‘AutoBreath™’. The unit has a large bassinet with an X-ray tray and vertical height adjustment. A storage drawer and instrument tray is provided beneath the bassinet. Additional shelving is also available.


Maximum heater power output: 750W · Power settings: 0 to100% in10% increments · Warmer modes: Pre-warm, Manual Baby (servo-controlled) · Temperature display range: 18 - 43°C · Baby mode temperature range: 34 - 38°C · Heater head rotation: 90° left or right · Mattress size: 52cm ¥ 65cm tilt: variable+10° to –10° · Apgar Timer: tones at 1 5 & 10 minutes · Vertical Height Adjustment (VHA) · X-ray tray · Resuscitation module with AutoBreath‰ · Air/oxygen blender · Auxiliary gas supply

Patient Supply:
The flow rate of oxygen or blended gases can be adjusted between 0 – 15 litres per minute (L.min-1), using the "Flow Rate" knob, to the left of the patient outlet connector. The patient gas supply also has a negative pressure relief valve so that air can be inspired in the event of gas failure. Inflation pressures between 0 cmH2O and 49 cmH2O can be selected but the actual pressure values are not marked. Airway pressure is indicated by a large pressure gauge, pneumatically connected to the machine end of the breathing system. All gas outlets have pressure limiting mechanisms to prevent the development of excessive pressures. Auxiliary Flow: An additional patient outlet for

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